Senioritis Senior Moments

…. local news …blah …blah …update …coronavirus …governor …blah …blah ...” and so it often goes when I’m listening to the radio as I walk and run around the neighborhood. Then a word or phrase will catch my attention, like a soundbite out of context, and I’m left puzzling. You can’t rewind live radio. Oh well, move on. If it’s big news, it’ll catch up to me soon enough.

After the national news, NPR tacks on local news snippets, including a regular report from our local education reporter. I snagged a phrase out of a recent update from her as I was running up to a busy street. Looking right, then left, watching carefully for distracted drivers who might run me over I caught the words “HISD … plans to help seniors …”

I jog halfway across to road to the esplanade and wonder what on earth our Houston Independent School District is doing to support seniors. How bizarre. Now what are they up to? The news zips along to the next report. No idea what the story is.

Without any context, I chew on it for another few blocks. These poor kids and teachers have enough on their plates right now, without adding some cockamamie old-people service project to their slate. What are they thinking?

Then I run past a house with a 2020 Graduating Senior sign in the front yard and it hits me like a bolt out of the sky. Seniors! School District! What was I thinking!

I’ve so completely taken on board my COVID “senior” status, that I think they’re talking about me whenever I hear that word now. I’ve floated into some alternate universe, where few other people exist.

Someone pull me back!