My closet is atrophying

I got an email last week from a charity group that periodically drives by and picks up ‘gently used’ articles of clothing and household goods. I guess they’re also back in business, so I clicked YES. In January — another lifetime ago — I came up with a respectable load, but surely I can scrounge around and find a few more things for them.

It turns out maybe not.

There has been little action in my closet the past 3 months. Nothing new coming in. No Spring sales to tempt me when I’m out in the world. No new fun, fresh additions to push out some of the tired-looking dated fashions from earlier years. Most of my clothes are untouched, collecting dust and wondering what their purpose in life is.

There’s a small jumble of Athleta, lululemon, Under Armour, leggings, tops, etc. in one corner that experiences a daily turnover. If I ever change out of these before getting into bed at night, there’s a small collection of casual REI-Columbia-esque styled skirts, pants and blouses for that interim window that spans supper, evening Zoom calls and the nightly neighborhood stroll. All of the above could fit in a miniature carry-on.

I can’t give away any of those essentials — I don’t even consider whether these over-used items bring me ‘joy’ or not, they are my life right now. Sorry Marie Kondo.

What about all the other stuff? Will I ever surface from this endless recycling of the same old comfy, stretchy, sameness?

I touch the flowing dresses, high heels, swishy skirts, crisp blouses, smart dress pants and wonder when I will put them on again. Will it be this year, or will I skip this season entirely? Maybe I should just dump them all and start anew — after COVID? I’m definitely too cheap for that and besides don’t have the energy to rethink new clothes. I’d better keep them for now.

Clothing has become less and less interesting the longer I hang around the house. It’s rather like eating the same meal every day – after a while you lose your appetite.

Maybe I’ll dig around in the kitchen next for some household goods to donate. That probably won’t yield much either. The kitchen has been running on overdrive — we’ve been using e-v-e-r-y-thing in there these days.

One thought on “My closet is atrophying

  1. OmniRunner May 23, 2020 / 11:45 am

    I haven’t worn a suite, sports coat or khakis in three months.
    My poor dry cleaner must be hurting!

    Since I’m working from home I keep a few items in heavy rotation. When it was still cold, I’d wear 3-4 of the same t-shirts under a sweater or sweatshirt. Eventually those 3-4 t-shirts will go in the rag bag for cleaning my car or something.

    When this all began I ironed the shirts I wore the week before and hung them up. It’s rare to have all of my dress shirts hung at the same time. I was surprised to see I had about 25 shirts!
    I wont get rid of any, but I want be buying any new ones either.

    It is a good time to go through closets and draws and clear things out. I’m in the process of getting rid of four laptops that have accumulated over the years.


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