Our Buddy Bubble Breakout to the Beach

Galveston BeachWe swooped in like Ghostbusters with our masks on, armed with bottles of disinfectant spray. After mastering the tricky keypad entry lock, we made haste to open windows and doors. The sea breeze freed the house of any trapped droplets in the air and we expunged the rest with our arsenal of sanitizing weapons of germ destruction. Yes, the owner did assure me that the cleaning service was going to be similarly attentive to disinfecting the place between visitors, but I wasn’t taking any chances.

Once the space was claimed for our own, we shed our masks and packed away the disinfectants and proceeded to nest-in. The waves gently churned in the background. Looking out the window there was only a small strip of sand dunes separating us from the beach and the Gulf of Mexico. The sea air filled our lungs and our souls. It was a fresh drink of tranquility.

COVID-19 was packed away out of sight in the car — removed from our reality.

The next three days we interspersed reading, napping, cooking, games, and happy hours with l-o-n-g walks on the beach.

The first day we still reacted to our various newsfeeds buzzing on smartphones, but these gradually lost their grip and were left behind. At first we were struck by groupings on the beach with no care for social distancing or masks, but that soon receded from our consciousness too.  Who cares? The conversation drifted to other areas of interest as we allowed the COVID drip-drip to temporarily dry up. Who’s Corona anyway?

With every tide the virus was carried further out to sea. With every walk on the sand we returned closer to nature. With every elaborate cooking event we recaptured a delight in our senses. With every nap we restored a deeper calm.  With every evening sunset we reconnected with the here and now.

We tasted life as we knew it before this virus torpedoed our world, and it was good. I hadn’t realized how much the virus had penetrated my psyche and my overall sense of well-being until I managed to unplug from it. My obsessive FitBit sleep tracking finally yielded the percentages of REM and Deep sleep I strive for. That was a eureka moment. Proof positive of the restorative impact of our COVID breakout.

Now we’re back in the city. The frog is back in the pot of water on the stove — the heat is cranking up again.

I’m planning our next escape retreat. Be well dear readers.

5 thoughts on “Our Buddy Bubble Breakout to the Beach

  1. Sarah C Emes May 16, 2020 / 3:41 pm

    Well done Lynn! We are still day-tripping to get the same happy return to nature. Brave of you and lovely to read your reflection.

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  2. M. Lynn May 16, 2020 / 5:16 pm

    Always good to read your postings and this one, especially. We are all going a bit stir-crazy knowing how long we have sheltered and how long we will probably have to continue to do so in this new-normal. To catch a whiff of freshly mowed fields, to smell air following a rain shower, to walk in the sand, to hear the sounds of nature – all bring back what once was taken for granted and is now so precious. Keep on writing and I will keep on reading.

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    • lynnmorstead May 16, 2020 / 5:44 pm

      Good to hear from you!!! Love the thought of catching a “whiff of freshly mowed fields”. What an all-sensory image. You take care. I’m sure all the youngsters under your roof are chaffing at the bit.


  3. smgshopper May 17, 2020 / 9:08 am

    I hear your voice as I read this post…simply make me smile

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