The Space Between Not Yet and No More

Space between not yet no moreInspired by the lists of “What I Won’t Miss” and “What I Will Miss” in Nora Ephron’s final book (before she died), “I Remember Nothing: And Other Reflections,”, the leader of one of my writing groups suggested we write these lists for our homework this week.

My first reaction is that I might be sick next week. I’m not sure this is the best project for my extroverted self’s struggle to stay cheerful, in an introvert’s paradise. I don’t need to be exploring any more dark corners in my mind right now.

Lists are very appealing however. They’re simple, short, snappy. I hate to let a good list opportunity go to waste. I’ve been mulling over lots of lists these days, so am going to run with a variation on the theme.

There’s a list of things I’ve been missing under Stay At Home orders AND a list of things I’m going to miss when we all exit isolation. I can’t have them both at the same time, but I can list them here together and pretend that there might be a perfect world where I could have it all.

It’s a way to “Honor the space between no longer and not yet” as we start contemplating a transition back to our former lives. The Stay At Home order expires tomorrow in Texas.

~~ – ~~

“Things I miss in isolation”

‘Un-muted’ group laughter

Getting dressed up in real clothes to go anywhere but the grocery store

Loud music in body combat class

Family celebrations with champagne toasts

Seeing people outside of a Zoom pigeon hole

Movie trailers and the smell of popcorn at the cinema

Arrival excitement with hugs and hellos

Easter brunch and Mother’s Day at a fancy restaurant

Looking people in the eye

Crowded, noisy gatherings around our dining room table


“Things I will miss after isolation”

Neighbors walking & sitting on porches

Eerie quiet weekday mornings

Every night family dinners

YouTube Sunday church on the patio with tea

Fewer cars to worry about when biking

A sense of we’re in this together

No time wasted in traffic jams

The COVID excuse for anything I do wrong or forget

Smaller credit card bills

Easier pace

No wondering what you’re missing out on


What about you? What’s on your lists? Are you ready to give up one set to embrace the other?



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