Not using, doing, or thinking about …

Things I'm not doingEmptying the dishwasher this morning I noticed the unused go-mugs for our coffee and tea staring at me in the cupboard – like neglected favorite toys in a nursery. It got me thinking about all the things that used to be a part of my routines that I’m simply not using, doing or thinking about.

Like ….

  • a crowd squeezed around our dining room table
  • filling up the gas tank
  • nice clothes — actually, any clothes other than workout gear
  • booking airline tickets
  • getting stuck in traffic
  • make-up — maybe I should make an effort for the Zoom calls, but meh
  • classes at the gym
  • driving up to my dad’s for the day
  • the smell of popcorn in the movie theater
  • juggling calendar conflicts
  • doctor waiting rooms
  • blow drying my hair — even washing it most days!
  • cash for the housekeeper
  • packing for flights to faraway places
  • live theater performances
  • checking out library books
  • cramming to finish my book club book
  • meeting friends for tea, lunch or dinner, or anytime at all
  • sitting in a church pew
  • … … …
  • … …

I’ve been longing for a simplification of my life. Be careful what you wish for!

One thought on “Not using, doing, or thinking about …

  1. OmniRunner April 20, 2020 / 7:04 pm

    I’ve been wearing old clothes around the house. Not just not wearing dress shirts, but shirts I might not wear in public. At home, I’m not in public anyway.
    We give a lot of clothes away every year, but for some reason some clothing items are still here beyond their useful lifetime.


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