The Doc’s Dilemma

This morning our memoir writing class eagerly connected into our new Zoom classroom. We surprised ourselves with efficient advanced mailing of assignments over the weekend and getting our sound and video sorted out before the official class start time. [If you’re following this blog, you may recall my homework posted here a couple of days ago under “Coronavirus Haikus“.]

Our hesitant attempts at this verse form ended up being a refreshing source of joy and wonder. These verses became an outlet for a landscape of emotions and experiences, we are struggling to figure out.

Dr. dilemna-1Our self-appointed class comedienne, who never fails to make us laugh, did a ‘one-eighty’ on us this morning. There was none of the usual light and breezy stories we so look forward to. As a medical professional, who thrives on being in the middle of all the action, she has been unexpectedly forced to sit on the sidelines this time – due to personal risks. The media has been so focused on the dire situations our doctors and nurses have been thrust into, that we hadn’t considered others who might be excluded.

Setting aside her default style today, our fellow writer reminds us that there may also be those among our first responders who are struggling, because they cannot be there.

She gave me permission to share her piece. Thank you dear friend.

Haiku Doc’s Dilemma  

Yesterday calmness
Slow deep breaths and long dog walks
What a difference

Home on furlough
A perk of the elderly
This is new for me

Harvey struck last time
Brief paralysis then go
Doctors are like that

We’re Team NRG
Twenty-four and seven
Twenty-three days without stop

That is what we do
We assess, we act, we help
We like the front lines

This time so different
Molasses, not torrent
We wait and we wait

I am home on leave
I feel very conflicted
It’s a balance act

I miss my clinic
I miss my nurses and staff
I miss my patients

Pulling me one way
Pulling me another way
What is the right thing to do?

Protect yourself, Doc
Protect your dear family
We care about you

I called my dear friend
She always gives good advice
She said, “This is real

Please do not go in
I cannot get out of bed
This is not pretty

I am sick with chills
Short of breath when I get up
We are quarantined”

Do I take a risk?
To me or my family?
Risk their health and lives?

Feel anxious today
Worried about my dear friend
Who knows what’s ahead?

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