Cleaning wipe-out, dropped Zooms and mixed messages from on high

exhausted from cleaningI’m plopping down at my writing desk completely exhausted from a spurt of housework. I had this idea that I could give the downstairs a quick once-over in an hour or so after lunch. I’ve never been wowed by the speed or thoroughness of my housekeeper, so I knew I could knock this out in no time flat.  You know where this is going … it’s not even that big of a space, but it took almost 3 hrs. and has left me pooped. So much for me thinking I’m pretty fit and snappy. What a baby. Clearly I have been under-appreciating my housekeeper. All future oversights on her part — if she can ever return — are already forgiven. I could write a whole long, drawn-out epistle on what else I learned about how hard her job is, but the bottom line is a newfound respect for Maria.

Before that, I spent most of the morning in Zoom calls that kept dropping and cutting in-and-out. It would seem that our WIFI is not tolerating three of us on concurrent Zooms, and I, for some inexplicable reason, drew the short straw when bandwidth was being apportioned by our router.

This is  all very tedious. I thought I had left this virtual life behind me when I retired. Now, I’m back in the thick of it trying to help newbies find the link to the meeting room, then the Mute button, then the Chat button, and more. Everyone’s device is slightly different and we don’t all speak the same technical language. It’s hard work, but everyone is so patient and determined, I’m inspired to persist too. Each call brings progress and excited oohs and aahs as we learns new skills and tricks.

There aren’t many spring chicks in my various groups, so it’s miraculous how well people are figuring it out. In the 7am bible study we were even successful in marking up the Whiteboard displaying Psalm 1 with hearts and arrows to indicate which verses touched us most. At the beginning of the call, we all checked in by having 24 of us write a couple of sentences into the Chat window simultaneously. This tool is perfect for us, as we actually would all like to talk at the same time. Now we can!

Pslam 1 Whiteboard

Between two of the Zoom calls, I went out for a run on the Bayou near the house and happened to catch on the radio Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo giving a briefing on the “stay-at-home” order to go into effect at midnight tonight. I feel like the vultures are circling. What an impressive 29-year old woman, wow — I’m thankful for strong, clear-thinking young leadership in Houston. Then, when I walk back into the house, I notice a new notification in my news feed from the White House announcing that the President “would love to have the country opened up and raring to go by Easter”. I can sense a fight brewing. Uncertainty is piling on top of uncertainty.

Maybe I need to go back to my cleaning. The whole of the upstairs awaits my attention. There’s nothing like hard physical work to quieten the mind and bring your whole self to rest.

4 thoughts on “Cleaning wipe-out, dropped Zooms and mixed messages from on high

  1. naomirosborough March 24, 2020 / 4:47 pm

    Dear Lynn,

    I am older than you and can tell you that small bites of experiences can be very satisfying- like cleaning out a drawer a day. You’ ll get it- I have faith in you. I move slower and have fun. All my art supplies are out on the dining room table day and night- amazing. I will send you the person I made today- well, I met her when she posed in class and completed my version. I think I will do three more of the same.

    Happy Life in the new zone. Keep watching Cuomo. What a leader.

    Love, Naomi (does anyone else see this?- if so, I will send a separate email next time.



    • lynnmorstead March 24, 2020 / 4:49 pm

      Naomi – I typically approve Comments, so they can be seen. But if you wish it to remain Private, I will simply not approve.


  2. Rhonda J Sweeney March 24, 2020 / 4:59 pm

    Yes, major work keeping things clean, both laundry, kitchen and bathrooms. Hoping our housekeeper can return by Easter! Feliz Pascua indeed! I have no idea what Zoom is, but it is showing up in the newspaper and now your blog about how people communicate in groups these days. You are giving a gift to many on use of new technologies!

    Liked by 1 person

    • lynnmorstead March 24, 2020 / 5:00 pm

      Rhonda, let me know if you want a tutorial. Seems I’ve giving lots of them these days 🙂


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